Signs & Symptoms of Uneven or Sinking Concrete

When it comes to maintaining the structural integrity, safety, and aesthetics of your property, overlooking the state of your concrete slabs, sidewalks, and driveways can be a mistake. At RhinoLift, we believe that catching issues early can lead to higher quality repairs at a lower cost. We have experience helping homeowners across Charlotte and our service area repair sinking and uneven concrete surfaces.

If you have uneven concrete or questions about concrete leveling contact our experts. Keep an eye out for the common signs and symptoms of concrete issues blow.

Uneven Sabs and Voids Underneath Concrete

Uneven or Sunken Concrete Slabs

Uneven or sunken concrete can not only be an eyesore but also a tripping hazard. This issue generally arises due to soil settlement or erosion underneath the slabs. Common warning signs to watch for:

  • Concrete slabs at different heights
  • Sunken areas, particularly around driveways or walkways
  • Pooling water on the surface of the slabs

If you notice any of these signs, contact our experts. Our concrete leveling services are designed to repair and lift sunken concrete slabs permanently.

Voids Underneath The Slab

Over time, voids can develop underneath concrete slabs, compromising their stability and increasing the risk of cracks and settling. These voids might be caused by water erosion or soil shrinkage. Watch out for:

  • Hollow sounds when tapping on the concrete
  • Visible gaps under the edges of slabs
  • Unstable slabs that wobble under pressure

Addressing these voids with concrete leveling solutions can prevent further damage and costly repairs.

Cracks in Concrete Slabs

Cracks in concrete slabs are not just cosmetic issues; they can be a telltale sign of underlying structural problems. Keep an eye out for:

  • Hairline cracks expanding over time
  • Wide, deep cracks that indicate significant movement
  • A network of cracks forming a pattern on the surface

Timely intervention can prevent the progression of these cracks and maintain the lifespan of your concrete structures.

Gaps Between Concrete Slabs

Gaps between concrete slabs can be a sign of serious problems if not addressed. These gaps can occur due to soil contraction or shifting slabs. Keep an eye out for:

  • Widening gaps between adjoining slabs
  • Vegetation growing within the gaps
  • Uneven edges causing tripping hazards
Cracked Concrete and Gaps in Concrete

Contact RhinoLift for Expert Concrete Leveling Services

If you encounter any of these signs on your property in Charlotte or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts at RhinoLift for concrete leveling. We have experience diagnosing and fixing sinking concrete issues, and restoring the safety and aesthetics of your space.

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