Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Damage

At RhinoLift, we have experience diagnosing foundation issues for home and business owners in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Our team knows that foundation issues only get worse with time and catching them early will prevent extra costs and damage down the line. Take a look below to learn about different foundation issues and what you should look out for to determine whether they need to be addressed.

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Wall Cracks and hard to open windows or doors

Cracks in Walls, Floors, or Ceilings

Small cracks are often a common sight in most homes; however, if you observe an unusual pattern or cracks that are expanding over time, it might be an indication of foundation damage. Be especially cautious if the cracks are:

  • Widening over time
  • Horizontal or zigzag in pattern
  • Accompanied by other signs of foundation damage mentioned below.

Expert tip: Employ a simple wall crack monitor tool to keep track of the progression of the cracks. Placing a piece of painters tape at the top or bottom of wall cracks can help you determine if the crack is getting worse over time.

Hard to Open Windows or Doors

If your doors and windows suddenly become challenging to open or close, then you may have foundation settlement issues. This happens due to the shifting ground affecting the alignment of window and door frames. It is a telltale sign of underlying problems and warrants a professional inspection.

Bowed or Leaning Foundation Walls

Bowed or leaning walls can be a serious indicator of foundational instability. These problems are often caused by soil pressure or moisture issues. Act promptly and get a professional assessment to prevent any further degradation. Leaving bowed or leaning foundation walls unfixed can cause water intrusion and even complete wall collapse.

Uneven or Sloping Floors

If your floors have developed a slope or you notice uneven areas, this could result from foundation settling or shifting. Try the marble test: Place a marble on different sections of the floor and observe if it rolls consistently in one direction. Uneven or sloping floors most often occur in homes with crawl spaces  but can also be found in homes with basements or even on slabs. 

Bowed Walls and Sagging Floors Above Crawl spaces
Wall and Ceiling Gaps and Exterior Foundation Cracks

Gaps Between Your Walls and Ceilings

Noticing gaps between the walls and the ceilings is another critical sign of foundation damage. These gaps occur due to the foundation settlement and may indicate serious structural issues. Contact our team today to address any foundation settlement you are experiencing immediately.

Cracks in the Exterior Foundation

Check the exterior foundation for any visible cracks or crumbling. These could be early signs of potential foundation damage. Keep an eye on the development of these cracks to ensure the stability of your home. Often cracks on the exterior of the home can range from diagonal concrete cracks to stairstep cracks along the mortar in any brickwork.

Other Notable Foundation Damage Signs

Other signs to look out for include:

  • Chimney leaning or cracking
  • Moisture or mold in the basement or crawl spaces
  • Sinking or settling foundation
  • Gaps around window frames or exterior doors

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