Foundation Wall Crack Repair

When the walls of your home start to crack, whether inside or outside, it’s more than an aesthetic issue; it’s most likely a structural problem. Wall cracks, especially those originating from settlement issues, don’t heal over time and require expert repair. Our RhinoLift Foundation & Crawl Space Repair team offers professional wall crack repair and mitigation services for home and business owners across the greater Charlotte area.

Foundation Crack

Why Addressing Wall Cracks is Crucial

Wall cracks are more than just an eyesore; they can be signs of serious foundational issues. Getting them the repairs they need will not only make your walls look better but also prevent further damage to your home. DIY fixes won’t cut it and ignoring foundation problems only allows for more damage. 

What Causes Foundation Wall Cracks

Wall cracks, while straightforward, spring from a range of issues and have a variety of causes, which might involve:

  • Foundation Settlement: Often, foundation settlement can cause wall cracks. Settlement can stem from initial construction on poorly compacted or unsuitable soils. These foundation issues usually appear as vertical or stair-step cracks, indicative of uneven settling.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: The soil surrounding your foundation can exert pressure on the walls when it becomes saturated with water. This hydrostatic pressure can push against the walls, causing them to crack, bow, or even shift inward, demanding immediate repairs like exterior waterproofing or drainage improvements for mitigation.
  • Soil Movement: Soil movements below the foundation, such as expansion and contraction due to moisture variations or erosion, can destabilize the footing upon which your walls stand, leading to notable cracking.
  • Improper Construction Techniques: The absence of appropriate construction techniques and materials can cause wall cracks. Weak or inappropriate materials or insufficient curing times during construction can cause weaknesses that create as wall cracks.
  • Age and Natural Wear: With time, natural wear and the perpetual play of the elements can take a toll on your walls, instigating cracks.

What Types of Projects Are Best For Deep Soil Injections

Deep soil injections using polyurethane foam or polyjacking is a relatively new technique in the realm of foundation repair. This method offers a versatile solution for a range of issues, providing long-lasting stability and safety. Check out some of the applications that we use deep foam injection for below:

Foundation Piering

Utilizing piers to stabilize and lift the foundation, thereby mitigating the forces causing the wall cracks.

Deep Soil Injection

Stabilizing the soil beneath the foundation to prevent future movement and settlement.

Wall Crack Sealing

Employing polyurethane or epoxy injections to seal cracks, ensuring they are water-tight and structurally secure.

Carbon Fiber Strap Repair

Utilizing carbon fiber strips to stabilize and prevent further movement in interior wall cracks that can appear in your basement.

Exterior Solutions

Yard grading and external waterproofing to manage external pressures from moisture that might exacerbate cracks.

Our Foundation Crack Repair Projects

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