What Is A Helical Pier?

Helical piers are steel shafts with round helix plates that support structures, countering the risks posed by unstable or weak soils. When drilled into the ground, they support your structure, transferring the load to deeper, stable soils and supporting the structure’s weight. Whether you’re dealing with a sinking foundation or looking to secure a new building project preemptively, Helical Piers from RhinoLift Foundation Repair are one of the easiest-to-install solutions.

Helical Piering

Why Helical Piers Might Be the Right Choice

Our team will help you make the best choice for your foundation repair project. We may choose helical piers depending on the accessibility or scope of the project. Learn more about what makes helical piers the right choice for your project:

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Support

Helical piers can provide potent structural support with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape. This means your lawns, gardens, and driveways stay largely undisturbed during the installation process.

Speed and Efficiency

The installation of helical piers is relatively quick and can be done under various weather conditions, ensuring that your foundation repair or reinforcement project remains on schedule.

Versatile Applications

They’re an excellent choice for many applications, from stabilizing existing structures to providing a secure foundation for expansions and new builds.

What Types Of Foundation Projects Are Best For Helical Piers

Helical Piers are a versatile solution that suits a wide array of foundation projects, including:

Stabilizing Existing Structures

Helical Piers can provide stabilization and prevent further cracking or sinking of buildings showcasing signs of foundation failure.

New Construction Piering

Implementing helical piers in new build projects, particularly where the soil condition may be questionable, ensures a robust foundation from the outset.

Porches, Patios, Chimneys, and Lightweight Structures

Helical piers are great for lightweight work like stabilizing porches, patios, and leaning chimneys.

Additions and Extensions

When expanding your home or commercial space, helical piers can provide additional support to accommodate the added weight and structure safely and securely.

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