Leaning Chimney Repair

Chimneys, while providing warmth and comfort, can become potential risks when they begin to lean or display signs of structural issues. Our Experts at RhinoLift Foundation & Crawl Space Repair offer professional leaning chimney repair services for home and business owners in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Learn about the causes, signs, and repair methods we use for leaning chimneys.

Leaning Chimney Reapir

The Importance of Addressing Leaning Chimneys Immediately

Leaning chimneys mandate immediate attention due to their potential to result in structural damage or, in worst-case scenarios, collapsed foundations. Here’s a brief breakdown of why leaning chimney repair is crucial:

Identifying the Causes and Signs of a Leaning Chimney

The signs and symptoms of a leaning chimney can vary depending on the severity and cause of the damage. Some common signs to look out for include:

  • Visible Leaning and Cracks: Observable tilting and fissures in the chimney structure.
  • Separation from the Roof and House: Noticing gaps between the chimney and other structural elements.
  • Physical Damage: Encountering water damage or witnessing loose or falling bricks.
  • Foundation Challenges: These include settlement, soil erosion, or weak construction.
  • Water Intrusion: This leads to erosion or brick deterioration.
  • Inadequate construction: Results in overall structural weaknesses.
  • Soil Movement: Influencing the stability of the chimney’s foundation.
  • Overloading Issues: Resulting from poor design or external pressures.

Our Leaning Chimney Repair Solutions

Addressing leaning chimneys involves an array of methodologies, each applied based on the distinct requirements and severity of the issue, some of which include:

Helical or Push Piers

Employing steel piers drilled or driven into stable soil or bedrock below the chimney to establish a secure foundation.


Implementing a system of steel rods, drilled and anchored into stable soil or bedrock behind the chimney, providing tension and stability.

Resurfacing & Tuckpointing

Addressing surface-level cracks and imperfections utilizing materials like stucco or masonry veneer.

Chimney Rebuilds

Engaging in partial or full reconstruction of the chimney when the damage is severe.

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