Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Crawl spaces are important to the overall structural integrity of your home. A weakened or damaged crawl space foundation can cause structural and indoor air quality issues. That’s why the RhinoLift Foundation & Crawl Space Repair team offers professional foundation repair services for crawl spaces across Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Signs That Your Crawl Space Needs Attention

Identifying the warning signs of foundation problems in your crawl space is the first step in ensuring your home remains structurally stable. Keep an eye out for the signs below to keep your home safe.

Sagging Floors

When floors slope or sag, it might be the beginning of underlying issues in the crawl space foundation.

Unpleasant Odors

Musty and moldy odors wafting into your home may be attributed to moisture issues in the crawl space.

Wall Cracks

The appearance of various cracks, whether stair-step, vertical, or horizontal, signal the distress of foundational elements.

Windows and Doors Misalignment

Persistent issues with sticking doors or windows can be a symptom of a settling crawl space foundation.

Causes of Crawl Space Foundation Deterioration

  • Compromised Soil Stability: Variability or weakness in soil conditions, such as expansive or improperly compacted soil, can jeopardize foundation stability.
  • Water Intrusion: Persistent moisture or water accumulation can lead to soil erosion and induce foundational shifts or weaknesses.
  • Subpar Construction: Flaws, insufficiencies, or use of inferior materials during initial construction can cascade into foundational issues.
  • Natural Aging: The passage of time can bring about wear and tear that undermines the foundational elements of the crawl space.

Our Solutions for Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Our team knows that choosing the right solution for your home should be left to an expert. Trust our RhinoLift Foundation & Crawl Space Repair team to choose the right solution for your needs. Learn about our solutions for crawl space foundation repair in Charlotte below.

Pier Systems

Implementing push or helical piers stabilizes and lifts settled sections of the foundation.

Deep Soil Injections

Employing polyurethane foam injections fortifies the soil and alleviates issues related to voids or instability.

Moisture Barriers

Vapor barrier installation, or encapsulation, mitigates moisture, prevents wood rot, and maintains indoor air quality.

Crack Repair

Crack injection or implementing carbon fiber strips can efficiently seal and reinforce wall cracks.

Additional Structural Support

Installation of supplementary beams or joists provides additional support, counteracts sagging floors, and ensures stability.

Our Crawl Space Foundation Projects

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At RhinoLift Foundation Repair, we use a holistic approach to crawl space foundation repair. Most crawl space foundation issues are caused by the same factors that cause foundation settlement in homes with basements. Our focus goes beyond symptom mitigation, aiming to diagnose and address root causes, ensuring the longevity and health of your home.

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